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Looking for;

An Edinburgh landscape design studio that will give you inspiring garden design attuned to the Scottish climate and specific to your local conditions?

An award winning garden designer that will provide you with sustainable landscape design and planting plans that enhance your home and life style?

A landscape architect designing to fit your needs and aspirations for your urban spaces, landscapes and domestic gardens, with traditional grounding or in a modern contemporary style that is responsive to your unique situation. 

Let award winning Edinburgh garden designer, artist and landscape architect Karen Laing guide you through your outdoor project

Invest in great design and see your dreams grow.

You may well ask why employ a landscape designer in Edinburgh  when there are "landscape" companies out there that say they can do it all? Well there are a some companies that do include experienced and qualified horticulturalists, designers or architects on their team, but they are few and far between.

When designing a house you use an architect, when planning a bridge an engineer, when cultivating crops a farmer.

Why because they have the specialist knowledge, insight and experience to ensure that the job is done properly.

Would you ask a brick layer to design your house or a steeplejack to design a bridge? I hope not.

So when it comes to designing inspiring functional outdoor places that grow and flourish and stand the test of time, should they not be designed on a solid foundation of experience and knowledge enlisting that same professional competence that ensures all the aspects of hard and soft landscape are brought together safely, pragmatically and insightfully with plans and schedules grounded on horticulture practice, landscape architecture, design theory and artistic excellence.

To start a positive and productive relationship that will take your landscape project from conception to completion, with client centred flair & focus. Please Contact Karen Laing, Edinburgh Garden Designer.

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