The Art of Planting                                                                       

Right Plant - Right Place                                                                                                                          

With extensive horticultural experience and a cultivated understanding of the right planting combinations for the Scottish climate, a range of services are available from expert advice to thorough planting plans and long-term management strategies.

Bespoke planting plans specific to site conditions and climate can be drawn up, detailing individual plants or in broad sweeps of planting types depending on your particular requirements.

You may be dealing with problematic conditions or established plants and want advice on how to deal with these in your new development. Perhaps you want advice on what will grow in your specific location without detailed planting plans. A site consultation can be easily arranged. A consultation fee will be charged at an hourly rate plus expenses where appropriate for such site visits and any written reports that you may require as follow up.



Establishing planting takes time. Good planting design is not about quick fixes. The instant impact of a show garden comes from considerable investment in time, effort and money and is short lived. Legacy strategies deal with establishing planting over time, their care and management for long-term benefits. Strategy documentation can be drawn up for three, five, ten and fifteen years according to your needs.


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