Below is an indication of services offered.

Initial Consultation

A two hour consultation, preferably on site, to establish requirements and aspirations. During which we will identify likes and dislikes, ideas, styles and themes, practical aspects of the project, budget and time scales. Leading to a written Site Analysis & Design Brief based on the consultation identifying the direction of the design and your requirements. Usually this will include loose sketches and images to confirm the aesthetic we will be working towards. This will also include a quote for future services to take the project forward.

Please enquire about the charge for this Initial Consultation, Site Analysis & Design Brief.

Site Survey

A survey of the site to take accurate measurements is a necessary part of the design process. You may already have architects drawing with this information or in the case of a simple small plot I can take measurements during the initial consultation. For large or complex sites it will be necessary to engage a professional survey.

Concept Plan

Having agreed the direction of the design the next stage is to produce a concept or outline plan, which will show the broad arrangement of the design to scale. In effect a map of the hard and soft landscaping elements with the relevant index and annotation.                                                                                                    

Detailed Designs

Here we specify materials and construction details, an important part of clearly ensuring that construction is undertaken to best practice and invaluable in sourcing comparable quotations from contractors.                                                     

Planting Plans

Scaled plans detailing and indexing planting.                                

Laying Out

Positioning plants takes a particular skill. I like to do this and ensure the best effect and ensure that they get the best chance of thriving.                              

Project Monitoring

Keeping a professional eye on the project in an advisory capacity to the client or project manager.                                                                                     

Other Services Depending on the Projects Nature Include;

Care & Maintenance Strategies, Tendering, Award & Invoicing, Building Supervision & Management, Plant & Material Sourcing

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